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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finding the "right" media server

I Keep "Slugging" Away on my NSLU2

The file sharing and UnSLUG setup on my NSLU2 seems to be working fine. I have been installing optware packages and have made a few attempts to configure imagegallery on Apache with no success.

I Finally settled on lighttpd for a webserver and have moved on to make my music accessible throughout the house.

especially want to serve out the music to my house stereo without spending much additional money, or by stringing any more cables and wire. After-all the whole setup is intended to be wireless, thats the main fun anyways!

As I experimented with media servers I decided I wanted to expand the USB ports on the SLUG. I had read in the UnSLUG Wiki that UnSLUG had some trouble with USB Ports. Several brands were suggested and I found one close to what was recommended
at a local computer store.

I thought that the Targus PAUH217U worked fine and I was able to hang the USB drive and a flash drive off the hub and have room for two more connections. It seemed to work at first, but after a while, things got flaky.

I could not see bo
th drives without logging into the admin user, so I think I will go back to two dedicated USB ports. So much for hanging a printer off of a hub, not this hub anyways.

Perhaps I will get brave enough to solder on a couple of more USB ports. I guess the NSLU2 supports five USB ports. So, get out the solder iron, some wire, a few USB ports and hack away. I would create an attached hub with a hole for the wires to come out, rather than the way these guys went about it.

Good instructions though, just kind of crude cover in the end.

I found the Netgear Wireless Digital music Player MP101 had what I was looking for. It was made a few years ago and did not take off like wildfire
. I found it on sale for $39 including shipping, did some temp credit card offer with Amazon and will end up only paying $9 once I get the credit they promised.

Once I get the unit, play around with the firmware, I will install it and see if I can play my music collection on my main stereo from any computer on our wireless network. Kind of Nifty if you ask me.

The next project will focus on installing a printer on the print server port and getting some fancy way of accessing all those digital photos I have sored on the various hard drives around the house.

Stay tuned.....


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Neil said...

upgrade from unslung to openslug3.10 that way you will be able to use almost all 4 port usb hubs. A little bit easier than messing with the soldering iron. And doesnt require too much linux knowledge.
Email me at
neilhoman[[[[[[[atttt]]]gmail dott com


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