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Saturday, March 17, 2007

And the Beat Goes On

I want My, I want My, I want My MTV,
I Have My, I Have My, I Have My MTV!

I added a second WD Hard Drive to my SLUG set-up and relied on the UNSLUG documentation concerning plugging in a USB Hub.

I did find a T
argus PAUH210 on Ebay for under $20 and It ended up working just fine.

Since I starte
d this project, there has been a bit more attention towards attaching other devices to the NSLU2. There are still limited possibilities See: .

I am working my way up to actually do a Debian Install. Things have moved pretty quick on the Debian front and lately things have been improved for a smoother install. Marting Mitchlmayr has a pretty good description on how to install debian Etch on a NSLU2 . I will be checking out those steps soon.

Until then, I am quite content and have been converting my music CD's from WAV files to MP3's with a free CD Ripper Program called:
Free CD Ripper 1.4

I store all my music on the first Hard Drive on USB Hub plugged into the the 1st USB port on the SLUG. I use the second Hard Drive for back up storage. Things are going quite well.

As Spring approaches, I will get outside more, but my evenings will be spent huddled close to the glow of my SLUG as it plays my music collection over my wireless home network and through the Netgear MP 101 hooked up to my home stereo.

My next project will focus on expanding my home wireless network outside my house than throughout the neighborhood.
Stay Tuned...For More!

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